My New Netbook: Acer Aspire One

My new netbook arrived today! This computer takes me beyond the realms of popular. It’s the Acer Aspire One, and I’m about to open this box up�to see what’s inside! Hit the jump to take a peek.

After browsing through a variety of newly emerging netbooks like the MSI Wind and the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, I finally settled with one. I was looking for something affordable with decent harddrive space and the same processor as all the rest: the Intel Atom N270.

What are the odds of the computer shipping with the battery intact and no papers or cords? Pretty good, apparently. Look how glossy this thing is. I can see my reflection!

I went with the 160 GB HDD drive, bypassing the SSD alternative. We’ll see in the future if I regret this decision. I was skeptical of Acer’s at first. I had heard nothing but negative feedback regarding some of Acer’s other computers. Most of the opinions on the Aspire One, however, are highly positive. I purchased the Windows XP Home edition version for $399. I’m currently tweaking the OS so it doesn’t suck. This thing is going to occupy my time for the rest of the night while I wipe it of all the excess software and put Firefox 3 on it. The Aspire One is already beginning to be loads of fun. I’m writing this on it right now and surprised with how well the keyboard feels for such a small computer. Check back to see my review of it in the coming week.

Oh, there’s the cord!

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  1. dude, that is one awesome laptop. get an SNES USB connector for your emulators and use it at school!

  2. How does it compare to the EEE PC 1000. Why did you pick this one over all the others available? It looks good and has decent specs, but i’m angling towards the EEE. What say you?

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