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To Microsoft, You’re Either Hispanic Or Not

Microsoft has exhibited the great American trait of racism with its latest consumer survey which claims that Hispanic people are “more concerned than the general population” with home entertainment products this holiday season. Clearly differentiating between Hispanics and the general population, Microsoft’s latest survey’s numbers claim that 89 percent of Hispanics versus 64 percent of the general population want a ...

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Consumers Avoid Linux For Their Netbooks

When it comes to netbooks, a Linux operating system drops the price down significantly as opposed to it’s more pricey XP counterpart. As anyone who has ever worked in retail knows: consumers are cheap. Very cheap. It’s no surprise that when they see the price tag of a Linux-based netbook they buy it without thinking twice. They quickly find that ...

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Win Big: 12 Days of Bluetooth Technology

Everyone likes giveaways, unless of course that giveaway has to be won by submitting a picture of you posing as Alfred E. Neuman. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is announcing the 12 hottest Bluetooth enabled products for the 2008 holiday season by launching a giveaway event on Bluetooth.com. These products were hand selected to highlight fun, gift worthy Bluetooth enabled ...

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Shop Windows Draw Consumers To Stare

This interactive approach to window shopping is sure to get consumer attention. Detecting the gaze of the customer looking at objects in the window, sensors calculate gaze durations and predominantly display the most enticing of merchandise. This same technology could be used in museums and art galleries to show viewers extra material and/or tidbits of information regarding the displayed product. ...

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