Caterpillar Watch Thinks It’s A Bulldozer

The standard wristwatch hasn’t changed much in the past few centuries. Design student Nicolas Lehotzky was tired of the vanilla-looking watches of the 21st century. Instead, he has designed three prototype wristwatches to reflect the brand and product values of Caterpillar, Brembo and SRAM.

Most notably is his Caterpillar model which is directly inspired by a bulldozer track and extends it into a faceless watch with a fabric belt. The numbers on it slowly rotate around the entire wrist, with the current hour presented on an elevated platform.� We’ve dubbed it, the “Indian-burn” watch. Guaranteed to leave your wrist sore and blistering.

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  1. Nicolas Lehotzky

    This prototype is composed of 92 parts, all hand assembled. I hope this project is inspiring to everyone who likes watches.

    Nicolas Lehotzky
    [email protected]

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