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Timex Fingernail Watches…Not So Much

Fingernail Watch

Do you have trouble seeing your watch? Do you want more trouble seeing your watch? In 2009 the Timex fingernail watch won Timex's 2154 The Future of Time competition and lately the image of this futuristic watch has been making its rounds again.

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Turn Your iPod Nano Into a Touchscreen Watch

The new iPod Nanos look like they were literally designed to be modified as a wristwatch. The tiny square shaped touchscreen device would make such an awesome watch that County Comm tried attaching the Nano to one of their standard 22mm watch band and what do ya know? It worked out perfectly. The watch band fits perfectly through the Nano’s ...

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Moonwatch For Werewolves

Lycanthropes will be thrilled to get their claws on the Moonwatch, a clock which tells the current state of the lunar cycle instead of the current time. No more fumbling around with calendars or awkward time tables. Know exactly when you’re time of transformation has come without even having to take a single look at the night sky. Proper planning ...

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Gorgeous Mystery and Moontek Watches

These gorgeous futuristic watches by designer Jacques Fournier caught my eye because of their modern style and sleek finish. The Mystery features four different time zones on four separate face plates while the Moontek is slightly more conventional, featuring a gorgeous Tourbillon and a jumping hour feature inspired by space travel, a feature everybody will need when we’re all evacuated ...

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Watch / Cigarette Lighter Hybrid From the 80s

They just don’t make ’em like they used too. Check out this awesome Watch / Cigarette Lighter from some forgotten year of the 1980s. Novelty watch collector Shea Connolly says this is his favorite watch in his collection, and I don’t blame him. If I spotted a gadget like this at a garage sale like he did, I’d likely poop ...

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Social Media Watch: Time to Be Social

I’m pretty sure the consensus is that most people don’t need another reminder to use social media sites. They already take up so much of our time. But how could you possibly resist this Social Media Watch, despite the encouragement it provides for procrastinating more important projects. Featuring all of the major networks, including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and so on. ...

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Calendar Clock Not Nearly As Fun As It Sounds

Are you ready for a lifetime of boredom?! Rather than sitting and staring at a traditional clock, you know, with its flashy “seconds” and “minutes,” how about giving the Calendar Clock a try? The clock measures days, months and hours rather than minutes and seconds, so you might have to strain a bit to notice any movement. Sounds like a ...

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Average Day Wristwatch Doesn’t Care Much For Numbers

Are you more of a “take action” sort of person, rather than a tight-scheduled numbers guy? The Average Day Watch, designed by Crispin Jones, is crafted for people just like you, who just don’t find much need for numbers in their life. Replacing the traditional digits are an assortment of daily routines. Just after noon? Then you know it’s time ...

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DIY Embroidered Wristwatch

What time is it? You don’t know? Sir, by all accounts, I noticed the wristwatch on you possess. Surely it can give a man something as simple as the time of day. It can’t? Why not? Ahh, yes! True craftsmanship! Who would even think to embroider a watch? It’s so absurd, it makes perfect sense! Link [via]

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