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Caterpillar Watch Thinks It’s A Bulldozer

The standard wristwatch hasn’t changed much in the past few centuries. Design student Nicolas Lehotzky was tired of the vanilla-looking watches of the 21st century. Instead, he has designed three prototype wristwatches to reflect the brand and product values of Caterpillar, Brembo and SRAM. Most notably is his Caterpillar model which is directly inspired by a bulldozer track and extends ...

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Gummi Bot: Soft-body robot

Robots might be super effective and helpful, but they just look so un-huggable. These Biomimetic Soft-Bodied “Gummi Bots” seem so much more cuddly, and certainly more agile. Though, Gummi’s have more of a purpose then looking adorable. Metallic robots are often limited in movement by their clumsy joints. This robotics project at Tufts University is looking into a flexible, silicone ...

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