3 Ways Technology Could Make Guns Safer

Gun laws in the United States continues to divide opinion across the political spectrum. Liberals argue that tougher background checks and restrictions on the ownership of semi-automatic weapons could help to save lives. Conservatives claim that gun restrictions could put law-abiding citizens at risk and would do nothing to address the psychology behind violent behavior. There’s no doubt that the ...

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Lightweight and Fuel-Efficient: The Secret Combo Feature that Your Next Car Should Have

Consumers are all for economic saving efforts and environmental friendly choices. For cars, technological advancements have driven automakers to innovate on better car features that benefits both car owners and the environment. Vehicles are traditionally made up of steel but with increasing consumer demands and economic standards, the need to shift to better alternatives is the next best move. Among ...

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Simple Ways to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home


Using connected devices has become the norm and the integration of smart technology in the home is increasing in popularity. From cooking, cleaning, security, entertainment and everyday living, home automation systems are making life a lot more convenient. If you’re thinking about making some upgrades to the pad, check out these simple ways to turn your home into a smart ...

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10 Effective Ways to Prevent Spam

Spam can make your website look unkempt and unprofessional. Often times bots and malicious users will leave spam in your website or blog’s comments area, or as links in guestbooks and other forms. If you have an online email or message system, you may notice people using it for spam as well. Use these 10 effective ways to get rid ...

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Common Problems Every Car Owner Should Be Prepared For

Owning a car gives a person a sense of freedom, but it also comes with responsibility. A car is the only heavy machinery most people will ever operate. We all know we need to drive cars safely and follow the rules of the road, but there are many common problems car owners aren’t prepared for. Don’t be one of those ...

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Vacation Home Safety Tips

Investing in a vacation home is a wonderful luxury to have. While you may escape to your home-away-from-home as much as possible, what happens to the dwelling when you’re not around? Similar to how you secure your primary home, you also need to ensure the safety of your vacation home with the following tips. Ditch the Spare Keys Whether it’s ...

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Keeping your Phone Safe from Mobile Thieves; an Infographic

With the cost of smartphones rising each and every day, it is no surprise that you find thieves targeting our beloved phones, with some even doing it at gunpoint. Reports indicate that mobile phone users relying on public transport are at a higher risk of theft. However, that does not guarantee the safety of other users. Anyone can be a ...

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Prevent a Burglary from Destroying Your Business

Too many small businesses don’t take adequate measures to protect themselves from robberies. Many believe the probability of being robbed is so minute they don’t have to worry about it. Nothing could be further from the truth! Data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shows that Business is robbed every four minutes. Some businesses are victims of multiple robberies ...

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3 Essential Features to Look for in a Subscription Billing Platform

credit card

Adopting the subscription model can be cost-effective for businesses and highly convenient for customers. However, it’s difficult to launch or maintain any subscription-based e-commerce business without a solid billing system in place. After all, you need to be able to keep track of all the transactions to maintain a steady revenue stream and ensure that your customers have the most ...

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Fascinating New Technological Developments In Home Security

home security

The promise of a home security system is to protect your loved ones and your property at home. Today, it’s easier than ever to fulfill that promise because home security systems have evolved in many remarkable ways. In our modern world, some kind of security measure is an essential feature of any home. Unfortunately, it’s rare to find a neighborhood ...

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