Top 4 AWS Security Issues You Should Know About

Amazon Web Services or AWS is one of the most important cloud services in the world. AWS and Azure have dominated the cloud space and for good reason. They offer excellent services and it seems many customers are benefiting from them. 

The growth of the cloud has largely been occasioned by the rise of the digital economy. Besides, there are many corporations that feel they can enhance efficiency and security by operating on the cloud. 

Cloud computing

This is why AWS is here but there are some issues too with the service that you may need to be aware of. 

1. Prioritizing Security Over Utility 

As you can imagine, Amazon Web Services has a massive variety of tools and apps that you can use for your business. 

These apps are updated regularly and they offer a unique opportunity for businesses to explore emerging tech for growth. However, even though these apps are available, utilizing them fully may not always be possible due to the numerous security checks that AWS has in place.

AWS cloud security is the utmost priority at Amazon web services and this often affects the usability of apps, making it harder for cloud users to unlock their full value.

2. Cloud Provider Security May Not Be Enough 

Every cloud service provider has the responsibility of offering security for its users and AWS does that. But it’s important to be clear on where the security ends. 

AWS offers overall protection but in order to be fully secure, you will need to use additional third-party tools and apps, all of which are available there. 

The great news is that, even though Amazon doesn’t do a lot to deliver extensive security for users, it does have some incredible apps and tools that go that extra mile.

3. Liability Gray Areas 

There’s always this debate among cloud users on liability. For example, if your network was hacked and invaluable data stolen from the cloud, who will be blamed for that? 

AWS does its best to offer security and will help you secure your network with a series of additional tools. But even after all that your network is hacked the company won’t be liable to any loss of data. 

This is why you need to take your security in your own hands. It’s good to know that AWS is out there protecting you but sometimes you will sleep better knowing that you have done your part in securing your data.

  1. Addressing Regulatory Compliance

There are of course a lot of regulations that govern the use of cloud data in different countries. Issues of data privacy in particular are now at the forefront of cloud services. 

While AWS is offering helpful materials that ensure its users comply with these regulations, it doesn’t take any lead role in enforcing compliance. This means that, in case of any regulatory breaches, your company is liable. 

Amazon Web Services is a major cloud computing platform and it has so much good to offer. But there are still a lot of issues to keep in mind, including the ones above.

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