Incorporating Technology into Your Home Design

home theater

With all of the latest advances in technology for your home, we wanted to talk about making this technology look beautiful when putting it in your home. Your home design doesn’t have to look like technology, but it can be incorporated everywhere. Here are some fantastic ways to incorporate technology into your home design. As this technology grows, you are ...

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review

data recovery wizard

The world today is powered by computers. Databases, inventories, online shopping, e-currency, etc. make computers indispensable for online businesses and traditional businesses alike. Apart from the business and commercial sector, computers rule supreme even in our personal lives. Be it for entertainment purposes, educational purposes or any other purpose. With the amount of personal data loaded into these computers, it ...

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Safety Tips for Using Online Dating Sites for Armenian Women

online dating websites

Using dating sites have become quite common. In fact, dating sites are now taking the traditional role of matchmaking played by parents or community leaders.  There are dating sites like OkCupid where you can potentially meet hundreds of people. But some people prefer dating sites that cater to a specific country or culture, like Armenian. Most people prefer to marry ...

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5 Uses of Blockchain You Never Heard About

What is blockchain? Probably there’s no single person left who haven’t heard about it. Blockchain has become a synonym to crypto currencies, and, indeed, it was conceived as the system for managing bitcoins and ensuring that all the operations run securely and transparently, with each transaction being properly recorded. However, finance industry was just a start of technology usage. With ...

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Distributed Denial of Service a Big Treat for Online Businesses

When you say “Distributed Denial-of-Service” commonly known as DDoS, you probably remember Anonymous attack against financial services like Visa, Paypal or MasterCard called “Avenge Assange”. This campaign was launched against financial services refusing to to keep Wikileaks in their clients. But it is not the only big DDoS attack in the history. Every year a lot of DDoS attacks are ...

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Add IP Cameras to Your Indoor Positioning System

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) are now being used in many different industries, including security and logistics. These technologies are being developed and improved over time, and they can provide industrial and warehousing environments with a wealth of possibilities. For example, did you know that indoor positioning systems could be complemented by IP cameras? IP cameras can easily add many benefits ...

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Improve Workplace Productivity By Regularly Maintaining Your Equipment

When hydraulic and pneumatic systems are not maintained properly, the companies that rely on them for work risk these systems and components failing, greatly setting back workplace productivity. Unfortunately, few maintenance personnel working from within a company are familiar with the correct techniques required to keep a fluid power system running optimally, without causing trouble down the road. Both preventative ...

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Top 3 Tips for Protecting Your Website from Hackers

Regardless of what information your website currently holds, hackers are probably interested in it; even if it’s just an attempt to use your server as an email relay for spam or hit you with ransomware, or even mine for Bitcoin. Here are our top 3 tips for keeping you safe online: Ensure Software is Up to Date Ensuring you have ...

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Why an HPI Check Should Be Carried Out Before Modifying a Vehicle

Modifications give you the ability to improve the look, safety and performance of a vehicle. However, they can also cause a number of problems if you don’t do your research. Before even considering modifying your new car, you might want to carry out an HPI check. This simple check could save you fortune, as well as give you peace of ...

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3 Ways Technology Could Make Guns Safer

Gun laws in the United States continues to divide opinion across the political spectrum. Liberals argue that tougher background checks and restrictions on the ownership of semi-automatic weapons could help to save lives. Conservatives claim that gun restrictions could put law-abiding citizens at risk and would do nothing to address the psychology behind violent behavior. There’s no doubt that the ...

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