5 Foolproof Tips to Secure your PC Performance in 2021

Computer Performance

If you are currently using Windows 10 on your PC, the chances are that you aren’t worried about your device’s security. Although quite understandable, you need to realize that cyber threats are incredibly rough and can infect or corrupt your device before you even finish closing an application. Even with a leading anti-virus, disk encryption, and firewall, it is sometimes ...

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Best Entry Level Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber Security Jobs

With the job market being as volatile as it has been for the past year owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are very few careers and job profiles that can be considered secure in the rapidly changing landscape. One of these sectors includes jobs that are primarily Internet and technology-based. As individuals, companies, businesses, schools, and even whole industries continue ...

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Sophos Vs. Avast: Which One is Better?

Sophos Vs Avast

Over the past year, the world has gotten more comfortable with maintaining a steady online presence. From attending countless Zoom meetings to watching friends getting married on Youtube, we’ve all become best friends with our electronic devices.  In 2021, the average person spends almost three hours a day on social media, not including time spent working at a PC. Over ...

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What Are Code Signing Certificates and Why Use Them?

code sign

Many of us use different software for a variety of activities. It is necessary to ensure that you download authentic software. As mobile users increase, there are more mobile app downloads. The number of mobile app downloads is expected to reach 250 billion by 2022. There has been an increase in the number of cases where users have downloaded malware.  ...

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Phishers Add VM Detection to Evade Cyber Defenses

cyber security

A virtual machine is, in essence, a computer inside a computer. They act just like real computers, but with the major difference that they exist purely in the virtual world of software. They’re not physical computers in their own right in the sense that you can put one on your desk. Nonetheless, they’re crucially important because they provide an exact ...

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How To Protect Your Laptop Online

How To Protect Your Laptop Online

The way we use ourlaptop computers has changed drastically in the last 12 months. Whereas we may have used them intermittently to catch up on home admin and occasionally a bit of extra work from the office, we are now using them much more frequently. If you are one of the many Americans who are now working remotely, you could ...

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Cybersecurity: How Not to Worry About Your Data on Devices


Modern Internet technologies have allowed people to access any information in just one click. Now you can buy anything online, download important files, and use any gadget for work or play. But what about cybersecurity? The problem is that the abundance of gadgets made life easier for people and led to the emergence of cyber threats. How can a regular ...

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Working From Home? You’ll Find These Cybersecurity Tips Helpful

Work from home

With millions of professionals now working from home for the first time in their careers, it’s important that we have frank discussions on the topic of cybersecurity and the many threats that exist. And even though you might think you’re too small or insignificant to be a target, you would be naive to assume you’re in the clear. Smart cybersecurity ...

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What The Heck Is Pharming?

What The Heck Is Pharming

Did you know that even after typing the correct URL in the browser, you can be directed to a fake or spam website? Hackers, fraudsters and cyber attackers have come up with a new way of stealing your personal information like bank account login credentials, social security number, home address, credit card number, security answers, and much more. And they ...

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The Importance of Data Security

Data security

Data can consist of several different forms, which might include a person’s medical records or a company’s trade secrets. Keeping this type of information private and out of the hands of unauthorized individuals and safe from corruption may be completed by utilizing a range of different techniques. These methods might include tokenization, hashing or advanced data encryption. The critical point ...

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