How to Keep Your Phone Safe and Protected When Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is the hottest new game on the market right now. It has been download over 75 million times and now generates over $3 million in in-app purchases daily. If you haven’t caught the Pokémon Go bug already, now is the best time to start. The game can be very addictive and soon you’ll start going on hunts for ...

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Secured Homes Are Sure Means To Peaceful Living

People want to proceed living a happy and peaceful life with their family. The problem is with the surroundings not being conducive for the residents to enjoy a calm atmosphere. Growing crime rates and number of forced entries just creates a lot of unease in the minds of law abiding citizens. What can one do to ensure the complete safety ...

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How to Improve Your Security Service

Providing security has become a vital part of not only many commercial industries today, but also of many residential areas and communities. Whether you live in a gated, private community or an apartment building, work in a large corporate complex or factory or a smaller retail facility, having the proper protection for your property, your employees or the residents of ...

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GetSafe May Be the First Truly Mobile Home Security System

The most remarkable thing about GetSafe Home Security, a new Bay Area home security startup, may be what it doesn’t include: a control panel. And if you’ve ever had to race through your house to disarm a false alarm, that’s probably a good thing. Instead of using an old-school control panel, GetSafe Home Security is controlled entirely from your smartphone, ...

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Teens Open Up About Cyberbullying On Social Networks

  In today’s social media-heavy environment, online bullying is all too easy. Especially vulnerable are children and teens, who are susceptible to harassment from their peers or even adults. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr make it easy to go anonymous and for bullies to be hurtful and trigger young teens without any sort of consequence. Unfortunately, many ...

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Identity Theft Prevention

You decide to buy a new car so you spend a lot of time shopping and bargaining. However, when you get the price you want, the whole deal falls through because the credit check fails. You wonder what happened – you’ve been making payments on time and keeping your credit balances to a minimum. It turns out that someone has ...

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Peace of Mind with Best Security System for Home

The crime around the world has seen sharp increase in last some years. People the world over are joining the fight against lawbreakers. Everyone who owns a home certainly should have an interest in crime prevention, and by being aware of the types of crime in our daily lives., we can take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves. Certainly by ...

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Why Hackers Want Your File Server and How You Can Protect Yourself

When it comes to targets for hackers, file servers are often the “golden ticket.” Gaining access to the server where a business stores all of its most important files often means that hackers can steal everything from customer databases to intellectual property. As a small-business owner, you might be thinking, “But we don’t have any file servers. We’re safe.” That’s ...

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Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 Review and Giveaway

bitdefender 2015

  Cases of identity theft, viruses and website hacking have upped in the recent past. To this end, you cannot gamble with your security online and thus the need for an internet security software. What is Bitdefender? Bitdefender is an online security and antivirus software. It offered you best protection for three straight years. It has been named the best ...

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