Barbie Without Makeup

I prefer perfection out of my dolls. How am I supposed to convince Ken to keep up appearances with this train wreck? He won't have it. He'll leave her and play the field. Yo, what up Monster High. You frequent this graveyard often?

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Jedi Disney Princesses

Disney, you have no idea what you're missing. LucasArts could have shot you right back into the geeky boys' hearts. And you drop it? Just like that? Do you have any idea how crazily obsessed us Star Wars nerds get? Nope. apparently not.

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This Optical Illusion Makes Me Doubt My Body’s Honesty

I refuse to admit that my eyes would lie to me this bad. I mean, me and my eyes have had some tussles. But I will NEVER, EVER, EVER let them live it down if I discover they've lied to me again. Not this time. Now way! There's an ice cream scooper with your name on it, bub.

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