8 Exam Answers That Make Us Cringe

Complementary Angles

Is it just us or have things begun to get a little out of control in schools lately? We're not talking about all the news headlines (although God knows that's more than we can bear,) we're talking about the level of education of children are attaining. We don't blame teachers but at some point along the way between our generation and the current one, being educated took a back seat to being famous. Not convinced? Take a look at our case in point with these 8 honest to goodness exam answers that make us cringe.

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You Found What in Your Food?

Cockroach Hashbrowns

We've all seen the stories on the news where people found insane (and usually really disgusting) things in their food. Well tonight we're aiming to gross you out big time and take a look at some of the oddest (and most disgusting) things that people have found in their food.

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8 GIFS of People Who Can’t Dance

Brad Pitt Dancing

There are plenty of people out there who can't dance...but not being able to dance is sort of like being a "freak." See, freaks who fly their freak flag with confidence are pretty damned awesome. People who can't dance but dance anyway...well, they're equally awesome. Check out 8 of our favorite GIFs of people who can't dance but are dancing anyway!

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The World’s Largest Rubber Ducky

rubber ducky

When I was a kid my rubber ducky was my best friend. There I said it. You happy now? I named it Ducky, because that's what kids do. But Ducky didn't judge me for my lack of creativity. Oh, no. In fact he lauded my efforts. Ducky was an amazing listener. One day, Momma told me that we had to drop Ducky off at farm, with plenty of pastures to run through and a giant bathtub made of ivory.

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