Things That Exist: Artisan Pencil Sharpeners That Will Sharpen Your Pencil For $15


Is sharpening a pencil art? Not most of the time, but it sure as hell can be. David Rees, artisanal pencil sharpener, is living proof of that. For $15 he’ll professionally sharpen your tip. But what sort of royal treatment does a pencil receive for $15?

First you choose whether you would like to send him your own pencil or have him send you one of his favorites. Then, Rees lovingly uses a pocket knife, sandpaper and a $450 sharpening machine to create a point sharp enough to puncture… really unpenetrable stuff!

It all depends on what the client needs the pencil for. There are different sharpening styles for different uses.

Once he is done sharpening your writing implement, Rees will ship it back to you in a display tube, with the shavings in a seperate bag. You even receive a certificate of authenticity.

Now that’s artisanship.


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