Sharpie Presents the Leadless Liquid Pencil

When I was a kid I had a sick obsession with pens. If it wasn’t for computers being my primary writing utensil I probably still would. From Uniball to Dr. Grip, I cherished them all. I still get an urge to grab boxes of pens whenever I pass the office supply aisle at Walmart. But then I remind myself, what the hell do I need them for? They have about as much use to me now as a DVD Rewinder would. But Sharpie just dropped a new bombshell on us that might temporarily reignite my passion.

The new Sharpie Liquid Pencil is a marvel of writing utensil kind. Featuring a new form of liquid graphite, the completely lead-free Liquid Pencil writes just like the real thing and is completely erasable for three days. After the three days are up, the writing becomes as permanent as pen. Luckily for your dog, the Liquid Pencil doesn’t need to be sharpened.

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