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Sharpie Presents the Leadless Liquid Pencil

When I was a kid I had a sick obsession with pens. If it wasn’t for computers being my primary writing utensil I probably still would. From Uniball to Dr. Grip, I cherished them all. I still get an urge to grab boxes of pens whenever I pass the office supply aisle at Walmart. But then I remind myself, what ...

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Exploding Bike Locks Only Work On The Clothed Thief

Combine anti-theft tags for clothes with bike locks and what do you get? An exploding bike lock that tags a thief with a permanent dye, making the scumbag easily identifiable. It’s called the SmartLock, but there’s only one flaw with it: what if this would be bike-napper isn’t wearing clothes? Then, he finds some clothes in a nearby alleyway, ridding ...

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