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Sharpie Presents the Leadless Liquid Pencil

When I was a kid I had a sick obsession with pens. If it wasn’t for computers being my primary writing utensil I probably still would. From Uniball to Dr. Grip, I cherished them all. I still get an urge to grab boxes of pens whenever I pass the office supply aisle at Walmart. But then I remind myself, what ...

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Xerox Invents “Self-erasing” Paper

Xerox is looking to venture outside the office world you’ve associated it with. Seems now it’s aiming to make tree-hugging hippies smile with erasable paper. The paper automatically clears itself after a 24-hour waiting period and can then be used again and again, up to 100 times. It may not be a zero-watt monitor, but hey, it beats sitting there ...

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