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The Six Mile Pencil: Writing For The Distance

If you’ve ever been formally educated (which I assume you have, since you’re reading this article and not awaiting the next scheduled food ration air drop while you swat the flies away from your nipples. Flies love nipples,) then you are fully aware of the hours and hours and hours of time you’ve wasted scribbling useless knowledge, and wasting precious granite, using pencils ...

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Sharpie Presents the Leadless Liquid Pencil

When I was a kid I had a sick obsession with pens. If it wasn’t for computers being my primary writing utensil I probably still would. From Uniball to Dr. Grip, I cherished them all. I still get an urge to grab boxes of pens whenever I pass the office supply aisle at Walmart. But then I remind myself, what ...

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Pocket Clip Pencil Eliminates Need for Pocket Protector

You know what I always say, anything that removes the need for a pocket protector is a good thing. Well, okay, that might be the first time I’ve ever said that, but it’s true. More room for our scientific calculator. The Pocket Clip Pencil is a fine example of why minimalist design is sometimes some of the most innovative and ...

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A Pencil That Celebrates Mistakes

If you want to learn to do something properly, you’re going to have to fuck up every once in a while. Mistakes are what teach us the right way to do something. Without them, we’d be under the impression that everything is perfect, even if it was far from. Writing and drawing are both skills that take an exceptional amount ...

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Drawdio: Drawing Music

Once in awhile, I come across an invention that blows my mind in terms of creativity and functionality. Jay Silver’s Drawdio most certainly fits into that category. Drawdio is a pencil that has a simple synthesizer hooked up to the graphite. Based on the conductivity of graphite, drawing on paper will produce various different sounds creating a one-of-a-kind music experience. ...

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Drumstick Pencil Serves As An Awesome Distraction

Admit it. When you used to do your homework, you’d drift off into space and find yourself tapping away with your pencil on a imaginary drum set. It’s ok. Everyone has done it, loser. These Drumbstick Pencil’s are specifically made for boredom-led drum solos. These pencils convert the eraser-end of the pencil to a drumsick head, making the imaginary experience ...

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