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Lollipop Pencils Give You Something to Chew On

Rubber is an acquired taste. Sugar, everyone loves. So it makes sense that pencil chewers ditch their pencil erasers for something a bit more appetizing. Lollipop Pencils replace the standard eraser with a flavored lolly candy. If you’re a wood nibbler, I’m still short on solutions. But hopefully the sweet taste of the candy eraser will deter you from chewing ...

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Pre-Chewed Pencils Save Your Dentist Some Trouble

As a leading voice for the American Dental Association, us here at Gearfuse are ardent supporters of using these Pre-Chewed Pencils, rather than gnawing on a #2 of your own. We dentist supporters are tired of hearing about our doctors complain about finding wood chips in between their patients teeth. Enough is enough, we say! Each pre-gnawed utensil sells for ...

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Groovy Pencil Sculpture

Pencils aren’t just for writing anymore (who physically writes anymore anyway?). 72 pencils is a geometric sculpture using, well, 72 multi-colored pencils to construct a work of art. There are only a limited edition 25 signed models available, each offering a unique piece of pencil sculpting. Link [via]

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Lined Paper Pencil Case

Looking for some much needed flash to accompany you in academia? The ultra-realistic Lined Paper Pencil Case is designed to look like a fresh piece of standard lined paper. The only hazard I could find with this case is that it could easily be confused with a stray scrap of paper and chucked into the trash. Just keep an eye ...

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It Sharpens Your Pencil And Then Eats Your Soul

Check out this gruesome pencil sharpener designed by artist Matthew James Taylor. This guy knows his pencils. This design is revealed in a post on his site where he describes the art (first we heard of it being an art-form) of pencil sharpening. Though, this “Living Dead Dolls” Sadie Pencil Sharpener seems to be his favorite tool of the trade ...

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