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Rembrandt’s Innovation Which Changed World of Art


The saying ‘art transcends cultural boundaries’ holds absolutely true when an artist endeavors to curate the humane world out of the real world. Rembrandt’s art is the picture-perfect illustration of the same as it involves the preference for uncompromising realism. Rembrandt Harmenszoon (1606- 1669), who made his image as the most innovative and prolific Dutch painter in the world of ...

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5 Uses for Brass in an Art Studio

Uses for Brass in an Art Studio

Deciding to use brass as the main element of your artwork is an exciting and creative process. Brass is a beautiful alloy made from copper and zinc and is one of the most widely used alloys. Brass artworks date back to 500 BC and should not be confused with bronze, bronze is also a copper alloy but it is mixed ...

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5 Steps to Creating a Successful Art Business

Art business

A long-term, promising career as an artist includes three components: some business planning, a lot of marketing, and, most importantly, the ability to create work that people connect with. Whether you want to establish a career as an artist or just want to make enough money to maintain your hobby, the internet has made it easy for creative people to ...

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The Ten Most Important Aspects of Outdoor Creative Design

The Ten Most Important Aspects of Outdoor Creative Design

You can get away with some amateur outdoor design, but eventually, it catches up with you. There are elements you’ll at least want to consult with a landscape design artist about. Things such as installing plumbing in your outdoor kitchen and deciding which flooring to put on your deck all have a significant impact on your overall outdoor design experience.  ...

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5 Ways you Can Upgrade your Home in 2021

Home interiors

If the pandemic has made sure of one thing, it would be us spending months of our life in our house without leaving!  We all have our emotional attachments and sentiments to our house, but how much time do we invest in upgrading its look?  Minute changes or additions can make the most considerable difference in our living space. Here ...

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Artistically Pleasing – How to Design the Perfect Art Studio

Art center

In 2021, many of us have had to work from home due to government regulations instructing us to limit our exposure to Covid-19. If you work as an artist or enjoy creating masterpieces as a hobby, you may be planning to set up an art studio in your home. Here are some tips on how to design the perfect art ...

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What is BIM Collaboration? The BIM Collaborative Process in Architecture Design

architectural design

A 3-D model-based creative process, Building Information Modeling, helps architects, engineers, and construction professionals have a systematic and collaborative approach to design. BIM Collaboration is changing the AES industry every step of the way, from project conceptualization to completion. Image Link So What is BIM Collaboration?  As the name suggests, BIM takes care of the aspects of Building, Information, and ...

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How can you Improve Office Productivity through Efficient Office Design

When we talk about an office, it acts as a workplace where each and every person is assigned to fulfill a certain responsibility. However, it is easy for employees to lose interest in the work and the workspace when they have been coming to the same place for a long time. It especially happens when the office is not designed ...

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Interior Design Trends To Consider For Your Modern Medical Center


The drastic shift in the healthcare design industry has changed the perception of how medical interiors are presumed to look. And today, the modern medical centers are nowhere those dull painted confined rooms.  Rather they are now more pleasing with efficient functionality. If you are planning to give your healthcare practice a quick makeover, here are some latest design trends ...

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How to Prepare a Class Room for Back to School


Going back to school is always exciting.  As a teacher, you get to meet with new kids or see children you haven’t seen for months. But with all that excitement, you also have to make sure your classroom is top-notch perfect before the first school day.  From making sure you have enough classroom storage space to go over the little ...

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