Firefox predicted to beat out IE as most used web browser by June

We don’t usually put too much confidence in projected stats, since a lot of the time they turn out to be totally false in everything they stand for. We do, however, would love to see the day where IE is no longer the most popular web browser. According to trends and stats that are too complicated to verify, it’s being ...

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Google fools us all with Gmail Paper

We swear we fell for it. OK, maybe not, but it’s good to know that one of the biggest companies worldwide has such a good sense of humor. This April Fools mock-up would actually be kind of cool if it were for real. The idea is for a free mail service where Gmail would be sent through the postal service. ...

Read More » can now never be a reality: .xxx domain suffix rejected

Plans to allow pornographic sites to use the suffix .xxx has been shut down. ICANN members, the company that looks over domain addresses, say that .xxx would put the company in a role to regulate content. �[A] large part of the community thinks that if we approve dot XXX, all that material that we said will magically move into dot ...

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Yahoo! Mail announces unlimited storage: Is Flickr next?

As email becomes more important to people’s every day lives, email provider services are competing in the ever growing storage solution for archived messages and files. This morning, Yahoo! Mail vice president John Kremer posted a blog entry announcing the decision to allow Yahoo! users unlimited storage. Previously, Yahoo! Mail had a storage limit of 1 GB, less than half ...

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Microsoft “Ringcam” Roundtable preparing for public trial

Uh oh, we all know how Microsoft loves to be in control of everything. And in VoIP and Internet telephony, Microsoft has lagged behind the likes of Skype. When it was rumored that Microsoft was working on a VoIP phone, it wasn’t a surprise, and seemed rather uneventful. Now that details are starting to appear of the Microsoft Roundtable phone, ...

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Laugh of the Day: offers a bargain on the number nine!

The number 9 for a penny less than $1,000? You’ve gotta be shittin’ me! Those other greedy bastards are charging $1,496.63! We know a bargain when we see one! According to Spluch, there WAS one worth $254,623. I guess the demand for nines drastically decreased over the last few hours. We just can’t help but to poke fun at other ...

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Today is Shutdown Day…yet, we’re still here

Back in mid-February, we covered a story on an event called Shutdown Day. Well, that day is here. If you are seeing this post on March 24th then congratulations, you have failed in staying off the computer today! Don’t feel bad, we’re right here with you, fellow net addicts. Something tells me we won’t be the only ones either. We’re ...

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Watch My Wrist: A Netflix-like service for watches

Netflix became a national phenomenon when it launched its service as an online movie rental service. Now the same type of system is being created for wrist gadgets, otherwise known as watches. Watch My Wrist is essentially a designer watch rental service. If you want to get some ooh’s and ahh’s at parties or some fashion props from your friends, ...

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Hey, do I look like Miiself?

Elder gamer website has a cool gallery of photos of people standing next to their Wii Mii characters. There’s also a few children thrown in as well. Byproducts of the elder gamers, we guess. — Andrew Dobrow Link [via]

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Google spices up its blatant whiteness with optional decorative themes

Google’s personalized homepages just got a lot more personally customizable. A new option popped up on Google homepages today that allow users to select a theme to spruce up the minimalism. Among the choices are Beach, Bus Stop, City Scape, Sweet Dreams, Tea House, and Seasonal Scape. The Google themes mark the first time users have been enabled from Google ...

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