Firefox predicted to beat out IE as most used web browser by June


We don’t usually put too much confidence in projected stats, since a lot of the time they turn out to be totally false in everything they stand for. We do, however, would love to see the day where IE is no longer the most popular web browser. According to trends and stats that are too complicated to verify, it’s being projected that by May 22 (yes, random date, we know) Firefox will be the most widely used browser, followed by IE6, and then IE7.

Firefox’s popularity has been increasing at a steady pace for months and months now, and it’s really only a matter of time before it’s number 1. May 22 or not, it will happen eventually. And why is that? Because the performance is just SO much better. The stats look pretty legit and if all goes well and continues on the same path, Firefox will soon control 37% of the web browser population. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. That will never happen the only thing mozilla beats internet explorer with is speed (coz its made to ignore some html and vml codes) but its still unable to view most web page technologies introduced in recent years while there is nothing internet explorer cant view so I dont think internet explorer can be beat in the near future. And also dont forget web security issues which IE handles better.

  2. You must know that IE5, IE6, IE7 or any other version of internet explorer is still internet explorer. IE is used by over 60% of web users worldwide and mozilla by 37% so you cant split IE statistics into IE version use statistics and compare it to none version discriminant statistics of mozilla. I agree with net expert internet explorer cant be beat.

  3. And so came “eventually” – by January 2009:

    2009 IE7 IE6 IE8 Fx Chrome S O
    January 25.7% 18.5% 0.6% 45.5% 3.9% 3.0% 2.3%

    That is:
    IE: 44,8%
    Fx: 45.5%

  4. Motin – Those statistics are for THEIR website, not all the websites in the world. Since it’s a web developers learning center, don’t you think most web developers know to use Firefox for their personal browsers, driving their websites Firefox statistics usage up?

    Check your sources and bring some real data next time you try to prove people wrong.

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