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Microsoft Japan mistakenly made IE7 public

We would have been a little more excited if somebody else had leaked their software by mistake and allowed everybody to download for free, nonetheless we are slightly excited to learn that Microsoft Japan mistakenly put Internet Explorer 7 (Japanese version) on Windows Update this afternoon. The above screen cap was taken at 2:57 pm Tokyo time today. Some Japanese ...

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Firefox predicted to beat out IE as most used web browser by June

We don’t usually put too much confidence in projected stats, since a lot of the time they turn out to be totally false in everything they stand for. We do, however, would love to see the day where IE is no longer the most popular web browser. According to trends and stats that are too complicated to verify, it’s being ...

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Vista shows to have bugs: Surprise, surprise

With Microsoft’s sterling reputation as being bug-free and invincible to vulnerabilities, who would of thought that Vista would show signs of being buggy. We hope you hear the sarcasm in our voices. We’re laying it on pretty thick. One serious error of concern is a mile wide hole in IE7’s coding, which leaves web users vulnerable to malicious software just ...

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