Yahoo! Mail announces unlimited storage: Is Flickr next?


As email becomes more important to people’s every day lives, email provider services are competing in the ever growing storage solution for archived messages and files. This morning, Yahoo! Mail vice president John Kremer posted a blog entry announcing the decision to allow Yahoo! users unlimited storage. Previously, Yahoo! Mail had a storage limit of 1 GB, less than half of Google’s Gmail storage limit of 2.83 GB (and growing…). It is still unclear whether Yahoo! will set single file size limits as Gmail does.

Kremer speaks of a “future with no limits”. Quotes like these ingrain images of hard drives impossible of becoming full and portable media such as SD cards that never have to be emptied or refreshed. Yahoo! co-founder David Filo has also been quoted as speaking of advancement of other Yahoo! services as well. Will Flickr become an unlimited image dump? And if so, will Flickr still be a showcase for the same calibar of photography or will it become like every other image dump service? — Andrew Dobrow

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