Bring Tim Burton FX to your Living Room

When I first saw this DIY vinyl art, the only thing I could think of was Tim Burton. Instructables user britsteiner really knows how to give his vinyl artwork that special “POP!” to it. With some Spirographs and contact paper, you too can create some unique works of art for your room. Just remember that when your girlfriend sees a creepy-looking thing like this in your room at night, she’s gonna freak the fuck out even worse than when you tried putting it in her butt for the first time.

I’m just saying.


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  1. Neat idea. Though I think the attempt at a comedic parallel between spooky wall art and someone’s mate reacting poorly to a sex act they didn’t consent to is in incredibly poor taste.

  2. Kinda sounds like Beth is a huge prude.

    Any way, this is a sweet idea and I totally will be trying it out!
    Also, the anal joke was amazing. So funny and in amazing taste.

  3. you r a closet gay in denial if you wanna pump a gals poopole, u prolly dont even know u r!

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