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Wooly Willy Table

Instructables user noahw put together this insanely awesome DIY project, teaching us how to create our very own Wooly Willy Table. Those of us who remember playing with Wooly Willy or similar incarnations in our childhood know that even though the concept of moving around iron flakes with a magic magnet wand might seem too simple, it’s strangely addicting. While ...

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DIY: Custom Multi Use Dual-Sized Projection Screen

Instructables has posted a cool DIY project that provides more use out of that large projection screen cramping your den. The one they’ve built shows this suave painting simply by turning the screen around. Hey look everyone, it’s the great Steve McQueen of Bullitt doing his famous leaning stance and he’s right here in my living room! Why settle for ...

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Bring Tim Burton FX to your Living Room

When I first saw this DIY vinyl art, the only thing I could think of was Tim Burton. Instructables user britsteiner really knows how to give his vinyl artwork that special “POP!” to it. With some Spirographs and contact paper, you too can create some unique works of art for your room. Just remember that when your girlfriend sees a ...

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