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Star Wars Sandwich Cutters: Have Your Millennium Falcon and Eat It Too

My mom rarely got creative when she made my lunch. I think once or twice she pulled off a crustless star (which sort of sucked, because I fucking loved the crust), but about 99.99% of the time, my sandwiches were limited to the diagonal or vertical cut. Either way, it still tasted the same. Now that I’ve got another woman ...

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Crazy Waterfall

I don’t know anything about this video and I can’t read Japanese but this video shows some waterfall device shooting out dolphins, letters and all kinds of crazy shit with water jets. Enjoy. Link (Thanks, Dennis!)

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Bring Tim Burton FX to your Living Room

When I first saw this DIY vinyl art, the only thing I could think of was Tim Burton. Instructables user britsteiner really knows how to give his vinyl artwork that special “POP!” to it. With some Spirographs and contact paper, you too can create some unique works of art for your room. Just remember that when your girlfriend sees a ...

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Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication

Maggie Macnab is a woman who cares about presentation. Her new book Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication is a look into common corporate logos and designs that contain hidden meanings. Even the relevance of basic shapes, numbers and symbols in communication is a strong subject matter throughout the book. For designers looking for symbolism around every ...

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Puzzle Alarm Clock A Great Way To Tick Your Kid Off

Star peg goes in the star-shaped hole, triangle peg goes in triangle-shaped hole and hexagon goes in-well you get the point. Though it may seem as harmless as a Fisher Price toy (or target-practice), this Puzzle Alarm Clock will probably piss you off early in the morning when you’re waking up. It’s really a simple, yet beautiful thing. As the ...

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