Puzzle Alarm Clock A Great Way To Tick Your Kid Off


Star peg goes in the star-shaped hole, triangle peg goes in triangle-shaped hole and hexagon goes in-well you get the point. Though it may seem as harmless as a Fisher Price toy (or target-practice), this Puzzle Alarm Clock will probably piss you off early in the morning when you’re waking up.

It’s really a simple, yet beautiful thing. As the clock strikes 6:00AM, you’ll blindly fumble for the triangle, only to find you knocked it under your bed. As your wife screams at you to “Turn that fucking thing off!”, you’ll be trying to fit the hexagon piece in that your dog chewed up two days beforehand. Six minutes later and you’ll have thrown the clock at the wall and will be in the shower getting ready for work.

All the above fun can be yours for $40.

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