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Puzzle Alarm Clock A Great Way To Tick Your Kid Off

Star peg goes in the star-shaped hole, triangle peg goes in triangle-shaped hole and hexagon goes in-well you get the point. Though it may seem as harmless as a Fisher Price toy (or target-practice), this Puzzle Alarm Clock will probably piss you off early in the morning when you’re waking up. It’s really a simple, yet beautiful thing. As the ...

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GameCube Redesigned To Purposely Be A Pain In The Ass

We’re not saying that GameCube was the smoothest gaming console to begin with (or even one of our top 5 choices) but it was certainly nowhere near as irritating as the purposely frustrating Frube. Even the colors chosen for this device are annoying as hell. The Frube gives the GameCube a new parallelogram shape which makes the system almost impossible ...

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