Glo Pillow Wakes You Up Peacefully, Possibly Blinds You


Waking up sucks. As much as you don’t want to admit it, every time you hear the alarm clock ring in the morning you cringe. Your body ceases to move and you unhappily stretch your arm out so you can hit the almighty snooze button. Day after day you’ll be subjected to this torture unless you happen to fashion a Glo Pillow.

Instead of relying on a noisy alarm to wake you, the Glo Pillow shines a supposedly “natural” beam of light onto your face via built-in LEDs. It’s not harsh either, as the pillow starts to gently glow a whole 40 minutes before your set alarm time. If it weren’t a concept, I’d pick one up just to avoid having my shitty alarm clock lighting up half the room with its display.


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