Boxing Cartoon Made On A Game Boy

The Game Boy might appear like a useless piece of hardware with no good games for it, but check out what the folks of managed to do using their Bricovision technology. By synchronizing animations with a Game Boy in real time with the help from a hardware interface and some software, the team put together this impressive boxing video made up of animations and sound from a Game Boy.

It just goes to show that even a portable device with the most horrendous display of graphics on the face of the earth is capable of rendering some awesome looking animations. I can’t wait to see more!

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  1. that’s pretty awesome 😀

    but if it was actually MADE on a gameboy it’d be awesomer.

    however i’m thinking hand-drawn, with careful attention to leave enough flat white/black areas in each frame so as not to overload the GB’s tile limits, some clever coding to be able to update the entire screen fast enough…. and an ENORMOUS flashcart, if not actually doing some bank-switching shit via a PC interface or even an emulator.

    also they’ve done very well to hide the 160×144 resolution, there.

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