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The Faint Rustle of Power

Harnessing the piezoelectric effect, researchers at Cornell propose a wind-power generator that has more in common with rustling leaves than airplane rotors. Videos after the jump.

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Best-yet Wikileaks round-up

There seems no end to reporting and commentary on Wikileaks, from the ravings of Regnery-Press author Marc Thiessen to the thorough round-up Alexis Madrigal is hosting at the Atlantic. But perhaps the best perspective comes from the sober analysts at NMA.tv, who have furnished their customarily-comprehensive coverage of l'affaire Assange. Or whatever it's called in Cantonese.

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Video: 1923 AKA Heaven

In tribute to a visionary artist, strobing, massing, fluorescent patterns of technological imagery that have something of the spiritual about them as well.

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The uncanny GIF

The animated GIF may be little appreciated in the world of Web 2.0but in the right hands, it plays with the unsettling riddle of our mechanical nature.

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