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Boxing Cartoon Made On A Game Boy

The Game Boy might appear like a useless piece of hardware with no good games for it, but check out what the folks of Sidabitball.com managed to do using their Bricovision technology. By synchronizing animations with a Game Boy in real time with the help from a hardware interface and some software, the team put together this impressive boxing video ...

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As My Rock Band Guitar Gently Weeps

Originally people thought that the Beatles would make an appearance in the latest Rock Band game. It turns out that MTV Networks announced a deal with the Beatles’ record label, Apple Corps, to create a Beatles-branded music video game. The same developers behind Rock Band will be making the game, apart from its already successful Rock Band franchise. “The project ...

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I Can’t Tie My Shoes Without Muting My Music

Japanese mobile phone operator, NTT DoCoMo is experimenting with this mind boggling approach to mobile device control that’s sure to give anyone an eye headache worse than TV coming through your glasses. How does it work? Firstly, no hands are needed. Simply move your eyes up or down to raise volume, accordingly. To skip a track, look right twice. Currently, ...

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Voice of Saturn Synth Kit

The description of the Voice of Saturn Synth Kit is making me very excited: This is a 10 step analog sequencer, which basically steps through 10 different voltage levels that are set by the black knobs. The output control voltage and trigger signals are typically used to control pitch, filters, drum triggers and an endless number of other parameters on ...

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