Voice of Saturn Synth Kit

The description of the Voice of Saturn Synth Kit is making me very excited:

This is a 10 step analog sequencer, which basically steps through 10 different voltage levels that are set by the black knobs. The output control voltage and trigger signals are typically used to control pitch, filters, drum triggers and an endless number of other parameters on other synths.

It’s based on a decade counter chip (CD4017) driven by a 555 timer (clock), although it can also use an external clock signal. The sequence can be shortened by connecting an eigth-inch audio cable from the reset jack on top to one of the step’s jacks. It features both a gate output and a S-trigger output for Moog synths.

This is THE must-have board if you’re looking to form the next Atari Teenage Riot. Circuit-bending meshed with sequencing guarantees you’ll have a fun time even if you don’t know much about music or electronics. I guarantee you you’ll create wacky, fun sounds with a kit like this.

The best news is that the Voice of Saturn is available as a bare-bones kit for $70, an “everything kit” for $125 and you can even get a fully-assembled (and tested) version for $250. Not bad!


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