KORG DS-10 Software Hits Nintendo DS


Though I sold my Nintendo DS a few years ago, the amount of creative homebrew applications for it has gone through the roof. I’ve seen everything from VoIP apps to sequences and drum machines. This latest piece of legal software, KORG DS-10, stays true to the homebrew movement and offers an emulated version of a KORG analog synthesizer.

You’ll be able to control the knobs of the KORG and patch in sounds just like Keith Emerson did back in the day. You can bash keys and create plenty of unique sounds and even trade songs and loops via WiFi. A four-part drum sequencer/machine is also included for creating those fresh beats. Currently, KORG DS-10 is only available in Japan for $46 but importing it or pirating it shouldn’t be difficult.

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  1. joshua caleb allgrove

    it sounds amazing! tanks.

  2. Please, buy it and support whoever made the cart (xseed).

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