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The reality behind virtual reality

Mobile Phone

Let’s go back ten years. The need to know about the world and to connect with everyone was strong, and hence came the cell phones. But human being is selfish and also never satisfied. Our minds kept wandering, trying to find a way to live in an alternate reality and hence came the virtual reality devices. For the first time ...

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Shepard Fairey For Saks Fifth Avenue

Iconic OBEY designer Shepard Fairey has partnered with house of fashion Saks Fifth Avenue to create a series of stylish shopping bags. Each bag says “WANT IT!” in classic Fairey form. Big block letters, Soviet-era graphics; everything you’d expect from the guy who told you that Andrea the Giant had a posse. Some would call Shepard a sellout for doing ...

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Boxing Cartoon Made On A Game Boy

The Game Boy might appear like a useless piece of hardware with no good games for it, but check out what the folks of Sidabitball.com managed to do using their Bricovision technology. By synchronizing animations with a Game Boy in real time with the help from a hardware interface and some software, the team put together this impressive boxing video ...

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Majoring In Game Design Will Leave You In The Dark

So, you want to work in the game industry. You want to live, breathe, think, screw and shit video games for the rest of your life. Unless you want to be a master of the custodial arts, game design is the last thing you’ll want to major in. As Frank Caron of Ars Technica points out, the game industry is ...

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Computer Graphics That Look More Real Than My Wife’s Tits

If you thought that you looked real when staring at yourself in a mirror, think again. Compared to the photo-realistic computer animation of Emily, you’re a closer to a plastic doll than real flesh and bone. Using new modeling technology that enables the most minute details of a facial expression to be captured, Image Metrics have created the first ever ...

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Divine Bovine

Hubba hubba! Take a look at this assortment of sexy and seductive animals that are worth drooling over. Warning, these pictures are not safe for work and will surely give you a hard on. That is, if the other artsy animals I’ve posted haven’t already done that. No idea who made them, but I know where they came from and ...

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NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX Leaked! Extreme Graphics For The Extreme Gamer

Aye, papi! When we broke the news last November that NVIDIA was gearing up for release of their GeForce 9 series in Q1 of ’08, we were unaware that the series would include TWO new product releases. Rumor has it that NVIDIA will be dropping word of their two new 9xxx series cards soon; the top-notch GeForce 9800GX2 on 18th ...

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Is PCI-E for laptops overboard? The Magma ExpressBox thinks not.

This is the Magma ExpressBox that lets all of your crazy gamers to have a PCI-E graphics card hook up to your laptop. If you are really seriouly excited right now, please stop and go buy a desktop. Gaming is nice, but hardcore gaming (HalfLife, FEAR, Oblivion…) needs more than a laptop. It just isn’t right! Those games deserve a ...

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