Belkin juggles your desktop and laptop with the Flip DVI-D

belkin flip dvi-d

Belkin is releasing some very useful peripherals for your desktop and laptop right now, and we appreciate it. In addition to the Cooling Stand, they have also just announced the Flip DVI-D. So what does it do? The Flip allows you to plug in all of your other peripherals including DVI-D monitor, two USB devices, speakers, and what looks to be a couple of other audio in/outputs.

At this point, the Flip isn’t doing anything for you other than acting as a hub, but wait, theres more! You then plug the Flip into your desktop and laptop’s USB ports. It now allows you to decide which PC you want to display on your monitor. All of your peripherals are now being used for your laptop and you see it in your screen, oh wait, you remembered that you need your desktop for it’s power for Photoshop. A quick “Flip” and you’re covered! Prices right now are looking to be about $149.99 in February. — Nik Gomez

Belkin Flips for DVI’s [CrunchGear]

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