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Belkin juggles your desktop and laptop with the Flip DVI-D

Belkin is releasing some very useful peripherals for your desktop and laptop right now, and we appreciate it. In addition to the Cooling Stand, they have also just announced the Flip DVI-D. So what does it do? The Flip allows you to plug in all of your other peripherals including DVI-D monitor, two USB devices, speakers, and what looks to ...

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Belkin Cooling Stand protects your balls (and your laptop)

Laptop’s overheating has become a big problem recently. With all the problems with batteries exploding in your lap (no more children for you), here is a solution to help you keep your laptop from burning you up. So here’s the sitution: you just got your new desktop replacement laptop with a 17″ display and the best graphics cards to couple ...

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Belkin revealed Bluetooth Dock Adapter for iPod

Today was a big day in the technology world, for CES opened and product releases are rolling out. However, there is also another expo going on right now; Macworld opened today up in San Francisco. While Jobs� keynote is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 AM Pacific time (be sure to tune in here for all the info), some companies decided ...

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Release of First UWB USB Hub Imminent

Belkin has announced that their Cable-Free USB Hub will be released in mid-December. The device employs UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) technology to transmit data from USB devices to your computer. Belkin claims the hub can reach speeds of up to 480MBps at a range of up to 30 feet. The Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub will retail for $200, and will be ...

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