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On / Hoff Switch Gets The Party Started

Every house has that one switch that is completely off limits. Who knows what could happen if the mystical switch is switched. This is one of those switches. For the sake of your children, I recommend never, ever getting anywhere near this switch. Just put a big ole barrier between your family and this button. I don’t care what you ...

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Originals: Path Finding Bot

My buddy Peter Wang made this path finding robot using a PIC16F876 chip. The interface is done with WinPic software uploaded via serial port. The robot detects obstacles in its path, moves towards them and then avoids them by going around them or by going in the opposite direction. It’s run by four AA batteries which power three motors and ...

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Belkin juggles your desktop and laptop with the Flip DVI-D

Belkin is releasing some very useful peripherals for your desktop and laptop right now, and we appreciate it. In addition to the Cooling Stand, they have also just announced the Flip DVI-D. So what does it do? The Flip allows you to plug in all of your other peripherals including DVI-D monitor, two USB devices, speakers, and what looks to ...

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