Belkin Cooling Stand protects your balls (and your laptop)

belkin cooling stand

Laptop’s overheating has become a big problem recently. With all the problems with batteries exploding in your lap (no more children for you), here is a solution to help you keep your laptop from burning you up. So here’s the sitution: you just got your new desktop replacement laptop with a 17″ display and the best graphics cards to couple with that screaming Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Sounds great! Until you start to feel the massive amount of heat it is trying to pump out. The Belkin Cooling Stand helps you battle the heat your laptop is producing. You just place your new notebook on top of it, and it gives you a perfect little place for air to flow in and out without anything getting in the way. For $30, not only do you get a great way to protect your laptop and “waist area”, but the Cooling Stand looks great as well. The smooth wave design just fits with a cooling type device. Great access for air is what it is designed for. — Nik Gomez

Belkin Cooling Stand [SlashGear]

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