Beer Blaster: Finally A Weapon To Use With Our Beer Holster


We’ve fooled around with a few alcoholic holsters in the past. Frankly, they all felt sort of empty. What’s a holster without a high-powered weapon? Sure, we still had multiple cans of beer to keep us busy, but we need to be shooting something WHILE we drink to really feel like real men.

The Beer Blaster allows you to literally shotgun a beer for a friend. Even if drinking beer from a plastic gun doesn’t sound like a good time (but really, how could that not be awesome?), you’re free to mingle through your party or barbecue, randomly shooting loved ones with booze when you feel like it. The Blaster itself will set you back $22. An accompanying holster costs $10 and the partnered belt costs $12. If you’re in the mood for something a little harder, give this a try. More pics and a promo video after the jump.




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