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Six-Pack Beer Can Chest Holster: Be the Rambo of Alcoholics

We’ve seen a decent collection of alcohol-themed holsters, but none that have really catered to the average man who prefers to drown his sorrows to the tune of beer cans rather than beer bottles or hard liquor. The Six-Pack Beer Can Holster straps six cans of your favorite brew across your chest like an alcoholic Rambo. The holders appear to ...

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Beer Blaster: Finally A Weapon To Use With Our Beer Holster

We’ve fooled around with a few alcoholic holsters in the past. Frankly, they all felt sort of empty. What’s a holster without a high-powered weapon? Sure, we still had multiple cans of beer to keep us busy, but we need to be shooting something WHILE we drink to really feel like real men. The Beer Blaster allows you to literally ...

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Vic Mackey’s New Gadget Holster

“Hi, I’m Vic Mackey from FX’s hit television show – The Shield. I’ve pawned off my traditional handbag in favor of something a little more…what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, right, tech. I got this e-Volve Gadget Shoulder Holster because I was sick and tired of street gangs pocketing my iPhone. It’s got two pouches for easy access to ...

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A Handbag Steve McQueen Would Adore

Men can’t have a purse. It’s a set-in-stone rule that has been passed down to us for many generations. But with today’s technology and the demand for our iPhones, digital cameras and Blackberries has reached an all-time high. We simply can’t leave the house with keys and a wallet anymore and our pockets can’t hold everything. What’s a homeboy to ...

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Every Bartender/Alcoholic Needs A Whiskey Holster

Imagine a picturesque wild west town. It’s the late 1890s and the bars are hot, stale and empty. You and 5 of your amigos stroll in and order a round of whiskey shots, stat. How could you put the bartender under that kind of stress? The whiskey is clearly on the other side of the bar, next to the laser ...

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