Ball Scroll Handheld Mouse

I’ve had problems with my wrists for years now, mostly because of the hours upon hours of sitting at my desk, arm poised in the same position for a countless amount of time, mousing my way across Azeroth, or just surfing the good ole net. With mouses these days you can spend half your time just programming the shortcut buttons. I’ve been thinking of an alternative mousing methods, just to mix it up a bit and maybe give my wrist a rest.

The Ball Scroll mouse by designer Danilo Cvjetkovic´┐Żallows your to hold your navigational peripheral in the very cusp of your grip, providing a break from your normal wrist positioning. The scroll ball allows you to move your cursor using only your thumb, while the clicking action is allocated to the rest of your fingers. No word on whether they’ll produce a shocking prank clone.


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