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Ball Scroll Handheld Mouse

I’ve had problems with my wrists for years now, mostly because of the hours upon hours of sitting at my desk, arm poised in the same position for a countless amount of time, mousing my way across Azeroth, or just surfing the good ole net. With mouses these days you can spend half your time just programming the shortcut buttons. ...

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Computer Mouse Cursor GPS Brings Google Maps to Real Life

Imagine if we could actually see the cursors being used by everyone checking out Google Maps. The world would be flooded with flags and cursors. Just completely flooded. 4chan would make sure of that. But since we can’t see every single cursor, we’ll have to settle for just a single spectacle. The Computer Mouse Cursor Bench, officaly called the Urban ...

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Shout At Your Monitor To Control The Cursor

When you can’t use a mouse because of too much Guitar Hero, don’t fret; alternative means of controlling your computer’s cursor are just over the horizon. The University of Washington is developing a vocally controlled mouse interface that’s completely hands free! Similar to speech recognition that aids in typing, the vocal joystick makes using a mouse as simple as humming ...

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Hyperlink: Cursors Through Art

The product of artist Ben Fino-Radin, “Hyperlink” is a four-piece series of needlepoint yarn sculptures that feature the ever-prominent desktop cursor. These are huge works of art too, meaning that Ben most likely spent hours looking at a pixelated hand in Photoshop for hours on end. It’s from 2006 but old things can be good too, you know. Link [via]

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Arrow cursor kite looks like magic

That old expression “Go fly a kite”, which is basically a nice way to go tell people to go f*ck themselves, is brought to mind with this Cursor Kite. Since the kite string is almost invisible to the human eye the kite just looks like a real-life floating cursor, which is just beyond awesome. The Cursor Kite reminds us of ...

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