Aviation Innovation: Getting Higher Than Ever Before

Powering jet planes with eco-friendly biofuels such as algae has been done before and yet, I’m still being charged an arm and a leg by the airline companies who are still stuck in the past, burning up high emission jet fuels. Deep down in my heart I have always known that marijuana is not only a powerful medicine, but that hemp oil is also a useful and renewable energy source. Just ask DuPont.

Come early December, Air New Zealand will have a Boeing 747 fly off, powered by a new type of jet fuel made from marijuana. A mixture of both biofuel and conventional fuel will run one of the plane’s engines and the developers of the biofuel, UOP, are hoping it will cut down on carbon-dioxide emissions. They’re also hoping it will get everyone on board high as a kite.

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  1. i think they are using jatropha oil. but if you have more info on marijuana as fuel..please
    post it…

  2. Satellite communications, fiber optics and improved telecommunication will relieve flying of its clients as costs to operate change from ‘flamboyant Yankee Doodle’ to ‘subdued Asian’. Companies left on continental U.S.soil are seeing less reason for even existing as the Asian giants show the economical , even thrifty way to do business! Before long, commercial business flights will be rare and the next big thing will be a telecommunications office at home! The basic business structure of U.S. companies is changing electronically as we speak, giving fewer, more important people direct connections even down to the factory floor in Asia, and doing away with the small army of ‘white shirts’ once required to do stateside business. The modern Toyota plants in Canada are a prime example of how Japan deals with huge unnecessary fleets of useless white shirt rabble sucking businesses dry while producing little more than confusion! The luxury jet-liner for the army of useless ‘white-shirts’ will soon be gone!

  3. It’s not marijuana, it’s cannabis sativa. Hemp oil, basically. Hemp doesn’t get one high. Marijuana does. The longer people continue to propogate the myth that hemp and marijuana are the same thing, the longer hemp will remain illegal. This is a travesty, as hemp is highly useful in many industrial applications, in addition to fuel. It’s exactly the kind of ignorance exhibited by the author of the above piece that is keeping hemp from being utilized to its full potential.

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