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The Bong Mask is the Next Step in Pot Smoking Technology

Greetings “medicinal” marijuana “patients.” Have you been looking for a better way of ingesting every last puff of “medicine” that escapes your bong? The Bong Mask straps across your face and surrounds your respiratory system with sweet, sweet pain relief. Now all we need is intravenous cookie dough and we’re good to go. Get your own from Thanko for around ...

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Legolize It

Alcohol? Check. Tobacco? Double check. Should marijuana be legal? Probably not. At least not yet. But then again, either should alcohol, or guns, or Octomom. The fine line between liberty and public safety has to be drawn somewhere. It’s just a matter of assessing the threats. Now, LEGO pot? I have no problems with that. Perfectly healthy for all children ...

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Bacon-Flavored Rolling Papers

There is no escaping the majesty of bacon. Hey, we’re not complaining. This is a case of integration. Mashing the munchies into the dooby. These Bacon-Flavored Rolling Papers are available individually or in a box of 36. Single packs are $1.95, while the bulk pack will set you back $30. Bacon is a novelty that will never get old. Link ...

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Aviation Innovation: Getting Higher Than Ever Before

Powering jet planes with eco-friendly biofuels such as algae has been done before and yet, I’m still being charged an arm and a leg by the airline companies who are still stuck in the past, burning up high emission jet fuels. Deep down in my heart I have always known that marijuana is not only a powerful medicine, but that ...

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What Was I Writing About?

Oh yeah. This toke bag. Check it out, brah. It’s got a bong on it, but like, it’s fuckin’ Da Vinci style! Blueprints and all, man! I’d rather spend the $20 it costs on some weed though. Did I say toke bag? I meant tote bag! D’oh! Link (via)

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