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Aviation Innovation: Getting Higher Than Ever Before

Powering jet planes with eco-friendly biofuels such as algae has been done before and yet, I’m still being charged an arm and a leg by the airline companies who are still stuck in the past, burning up high emission jet fuels. Deep down in my heart I have always known that marijuana is not only a powerful medicine, but that ...

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Skyscraper Farm Coming To Singapore

Even more architecture that resembles the “arcologies” of Sim City 2000 are sprouting up, this time in Singapore.�Here, eco-minded architecture firm TR Hamzah & Yeang is designing this skyscraper it’s calling the EDITT (Ecological Design In The Tropics) Tower. This 26-story skyscraper will be constructed using various recycled and recyclable materials. Not only that, but the tower will include the ...

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