“Audio Grade” Power Socket Will Definitly Put a Dent in Your Wallet


For $147.72, audiophiles have another excuse to spend an exuberant amount of money on a “cryogenically-treated, gold-plated” doodad. And the vendor is 100% serious about their “audio grade” label, even going as far as trademarking the term.

But hey, it’s sooo worth it for the perfect sonic experience. Or so the product commenters will have you believe. Apparently “behind acoustic treatment, AC power is the second most under-invested aspect of home theater.” Well, I’ll be. You people will spend money on anything won’t you?

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  1. Gold plating is a pretty good idea regarding audio and video cable jacks and the likes, due to the reduced interference from that particular metal.

    Well, it was a good idea when most TVs and sound systems were analogue, digital signals are unaffected by electrical interference. Clever marketing ploys for the loss!

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