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“Audio Grade” Power Socket Will Definitly Put a Dent in Your Wallet

For $147.72, audiophiles have another excuse to spend an exuberant amount of money on a “cryogenically-treated, gold-plated” doodad. And the vendor is 100% serious about their “audio grade” label, even going as far as trademarking the term. But hey, it’s sooo worth it for the perfect sonic experience. Or so the product commenters will have you believe. Apparently “behind acoustic ...

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Headphone Jack Plug Necklace

True audiophiles love everything about the art of music and the process of listening to it. They love to advertise their insane sound prowess, rather it be with snobby and ultra complex non sequiturs or t-shirts advertising their love for sound. These Jack Plug Necklaces, available in 24-karat gold plating, would surely transmit some awesome audio, if they were made ...

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An audiophile iPod? Is it possible? MSB says it is.

Audiophiles are always the first to complain about the lack of music integrity instilled with the less then CD-quality sounds that the iPod allows. We don’t really care whether our headphone wires are gold plated or not for better conductivity, but something like the iLink seems like a good idea if your willing to shell out the money. MSB promises ...

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