Apple Sues Psystar, Demands Recall Of Clones

Apple knows cloning. It dealt with it throughout the 1980s and 1990s until it realized it just couldn’t work out. Apple killed the clones and today, it’s going strong with OS X and an assortment of hardware. This year, a company called Psystar started shadily selling Mac clones with a hacked version of Mac OS X on it. Caught up yet? Good.

Fast forward to this week and Apple has not only sued Psystar in an attempt to preserve both intellectual property and brand image, but has also demanded that all sold Mac clones be returned. The language used:

Apple is asking a court to order Miami-based Psystar to stop making unauthorized Mac clones and to recall all of the systems it has sold to customers since it began offering them for public sale in April.

In a lawsuit filed against Psystar in federal court, Apple is seeking an order “requiring Psystar to recall all such products sold to the public as a result of Psystar’s infringement of Apple’s copyrights.”

Most seem to think that the final nail in Psystar’s coffin was when it began selling server clones with OS X in June of this year.

Apple also charged Psystar with illegally copying, modifying, and redistributing some of its products. The 18-page complaint outlines a total of 10 charges against Psystar. Psystar officials did not return a call seeking comment.

In the end, Apple will win. No doubt about it. They’ll probably sue Belkin while they’re at it.


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