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Apple Sues Psystar, Demands Recall Of Clones

Apple knows cloning. It dealt with it throughout the 1980s and 1990s until it realized it just couldn’t work out. Apple killed the clones and today, it’s going strong with OS X and an assortment of hardware. This year, a company called Psystar started shadily selling Mac clones with a hacked version of Mac OS X on it. Caught up ...

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LG threatens to sue copycats before launching SHINE

Comparing to Nokia, LG is doing a far better job in handling illegal “replicas”. That is, they act before the replicas had the chance to become popular, before their own product starts selling, and most importantly before they have to hire a law firm. Across the Easter weekend LG has issued a warning letter to shops in Hong Kong warning ...

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Nokia sues shops, but not the N73 clone manufacturer

Pictured above is the infamous N73-clone, called Nokir E828, produced by a mainland Chinese company (NOKIR) next to the real Nokia N73 (on the right), it has been selling well enough to catch Nokia’s attention. However the company did not have enough evidence to go against the manufacturer and the copyright-protection laws are a bit tricky in mainland China, so ...

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